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POP Significance

  • The oldest traces of plaster renders are 9,000 years old, and were found in Anatolia and Syria. So it is the most trusted material to cast various shapes of life from ; variety of art to gorgeous palaces, temples and mosques. We also know that 5,000 ‘years ago, the Egyptians used it as joining material for the blocks of their monuments, such as the magnificent Cheops Pyramid for example.
  • In brief, Plaster of Paris has been the most trusted and sought after substance for over 9000 years for its elasticity, durability, elegance, presentable eminence, fire proof.

A product as perfect as fiddle :
The music of life floats over the perfection and Saurabh Plaster Ltd. has been endeavouring to deliver it without compromising since inception. Dhanshree is the highest quality POP known for its unmatched standard quality

Snow White Dhanshree :
Dhanshree is so white and bright that it has become scale of whiteness in the industry. When it is applied on the walls, ceilings, pillars or any piece of your desire, it becomes a unique master piece of art and adoration. It produces such rich looks that even an ordinary object becomes symbol of elegance and aristocracy.

Optimum Dhanshree :
In our R&D, we have done experiments on its setting up time so that an optimum time may be set up for its best application in the most feasible manner. We did succeed to get the control over its setting up time. Though Dhanshree is tuned to optimum setting up time to use it in diversified tasks yet we extend a unique advantage to set up your own setting up time, provided you have adequate quantity order.