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Manufacturing Plant

Before inception we started studying the best compositions to produce the best of the POP of the country. Thus after thorough study and research, Saurabh Plaster Ltd. decided to incept its manufacturing plant at Bikaner. Bikaner is the mother of the best plaster in the country and known worldwide as the best source of ultra fine gypsum. The gigantic plant of the company is spread over twenty three thousand square meters and is equipped with the state of the art machines to produce a product of universal adoration 'Dhanshree'.

In-house Research and Development (R&D) division
Saurabh Plaster limited has its own research and development unit to put rigorous efforts to make its product the most useful product in its category. Besides it company puts more focused endeavour towards enhancing its utility and long lasting life without compromising on its quality. Today Dhanshree stands a flag holder of the best quality at affordable price yet our R&D is not sitting complacent and putting up consistent efforts at its routine
break its own record. The R&D division thrives to improve even the best.

Our Technical Backup Support
Saurabh Plaster Ltd's technical support makes Dhanshree a winning product as buying the best product is not just sufficient, you must know how to apply it in the best way to get the best results. Our technical team is dedicated to equip you with the best skills to apply it single mindedly.
It is very easy to approach our team. You just call us over the phone or forward your request bye-mail or sms, soon you are acknowledged and provided a your call registration number followed by our technical guidance.