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Dhanshree Economy

Enormous Resistance for Paint Absorption for Easy Painting. Dhanshree is a leading product in Its Quality and Set Bench Mark for the Industry to Follow. Its Quality of Resistance Extends Great Economy as It Absorbs the Paint Least and Allows Easy Spread What fetches great Saving. as Money Saved is Money Earned So Use of Dhanshree Makes you earn more.

Ultra Superfine Dhanshree
Ultra Super fine Dhanshree pop make it a class-apart product. It delivers excellence in its final product as superfine particles produce smoothness as smooth as marble besides strength. Ultra Super fine Dhanshree can be applied anywhere with great comfort and be molded to any shape to witness perfection of a master piece.

Light Weight Dhanshree
Light weight Dhanshree can be applied at any angle or position. Whether it's a wall or ceiling or piece of art, light weight Dhanshree easily grips the surface and lasts forever in contrast of heavy weight POPs as they fall after some time and are wasted during application due to their weight.

Flexible Dhanshree
Flexible Dhanshree has edge above all conventional and local pop products. it has flexibility to form any shape and pattern and very easily adopts the shape of its cast or
pattern. The fine quality adds an additional flexibility to perform most complex tasks as a cake walk.

Dust Free Dhanshree
Dust free Dhanshree gives desired result while extending great economy. Dust free Dhanshree produces excellent results as it becomes the light-weight thus grips the surface far better than any ordinary POP.

Turtle Strength Dhanshree
Turtle Strength Dhanshree depicts trust and contidence in its users that it is going to last for a longer period than any other impure POP because of its steel nerves. lt is all possible due to pure substance of it from which it is derived and processed under stringent quality control.

Long Lasting Dhanshrce
Long Lasting Dhanshree is made of the purest gypsum of Bikaner. Bikaner is the best gypsum producing place in india. Saurabh Plaster Ltd. produces international quality of POP Dhanshree which lasts so long that even generations witness the class of workmanship made of Dhanshree.

Premium Grade Dhanshree
Our premium grade Plaster of Paris lets you create fun family projects and decorative items that accent your home decor! Moreover you can clean it up with warm soapy water.
Moreover it lasts for many generations

What you loose due to sand mix POP

  • Dust does not give good snow white quality
  • It falls on its own due to its over weight
  • Needs frequent repairs and taxes your pocket
  • You compromise on strength as Low density particles are arranged in loose formation
  • Results more wastage as due to dust and poor grip, it falls even at the time of
  • Absorbs more paint thus becomes costlier than branded POP like Dhanshree
  • It doesn‘t give aristocratic look what is the prime demand from any POP